Matthew Ruddy

Entrepreneur. Full stack developer. Constantly learning. Enjoys bringing ideas to life. Currently available for new opportunities. Let's chat.


  • Former VP of Technology at Birch, graduate recruitement platform (closed 2019)
  • Former CTO at 800Flower, largest flower distributor in UAE
  • Former Architecture & Technical Lead at AYM Commerce, built Danube Online
  • Creator of EasingSlider, freemium slideshow WordPress plugin with over 900,000 downloads


I'm an out of the box thinker who is obsessed with technology and bringing ideas to life to create real value. Taking into account business requirements and available resources I've learned to leverage the right tooling for the right time and know when to invest in heavy abstractions or point-and-shoot solutions when bringing products to market.

My first entrepreunial endevour began in the WordPress ecosystem. I created Easing Slider, a freemium slideshow plugin with a simplistic yet powerful UI understandable to someone with basic computer skills. It grossed over $50,000 revenue within it's first 18 months.

In 2016 I took on the role of Architecture & Technical Lead at AYM Commerce, tasked with building the online infrastrcture for Danube Online (online outlet for Saudi Arabia's largest food retailer). Within 6 months we had increased the order fulfilment rate by over 100%. We did this by replacing previously untenable systems with purpose built solutions including a unique driver tracking and routing application, and a Solidus powered backend for iOS/Android apps (built in React Native). Danube's parent company, BinDawood Holding recently IPO'd in 2020.

For 2018 I began a new journey with Birch, a graduate recruitment platform. Within just 3 months we'd built unique job matching algorithms, linking students to internships based on their qualifications, interest and past experience. We held numorous in-person events in TCD & UCD to promote to students, and even managed to get our first graduate a full-time job. Unfortunately we closed Birch in 2019 after failing to secure an adequate funding (despite much interest), and other personal unforeseen circumstances.



“Matthew is one of those developers with a solid entrepreneurial mindset and appetite for business. He’s the kind of person who takes a holistic view when approaching problems, looking at the business requirements before considering the technical implementation - a crucial trait for a leading tech role in an early stage. As a developer, Matthew is full-stack, and has worked on our UI, frontend, backend and infrastructure. He has quickly picked up new technologies when required, making him incredibly resourceful and driven.”
Kevin Holler Alliance Manager, DACH & Benelux at Fivetran